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The Entrepremom

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Graphic/Web designer, Marketer, WAHM, wife, smart-ass, addicted to social media, shopping and food-trucks, (How can you not like the idea of Food Trucks?), sports fan, world traveler…

Let’s just call me “The Most Interesting Woman in the World”

In August of 2007, I found myself in a precarious situation. A newlywed, a new home owner and four months pregnant, I was shocked to learn that I was going to be laid-off from my job of five years.  I had to get CREATIVE and quick! My family’s livelihood depended on it!

Although I was furious at my situation, we still needed to eat. I started providing virtual assistance to friends who were running or starting their own businesses. Eventually, my clients began asking me for logos and websites, and I fell in love! I returned to school and got my bachelor’s degree in graphic design which included a three-month internship at a London design firm. There, I learned the importance of social media and SEO (search engine optimization) and subsequently became addicted to social media. Amazingly, I was still running my graphic design business at the same time.

A crappy situation made me have to ___ or get off the pot! But it also helped me to find my passion and turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Through this blog, I hope to empower other work/stay at home parents to find their passions and live their lives accordingly BEFORE the junk hits the fan.

But we are going to have some laughs during the ride!  For example, we’ve all had this moment as parents, right?

Ah… gotta love the kiddies!